Our story



Basis was founded on the idea of providing efficient technology solutions to create, transform and accelerate business growth.

After earning a VoIP patent at 19, Basis’ CEO & Founding Partner, Joshua Corb, started down his career path as Tech Director, and helped to expand the international footprint of MySpace, raise the value of Intuit-purchased Docstoc, and improve upon traditional agencies’ approach to digital initiatives.



We started Basis out of an abandoned airplane hangar in sunny Santa Monica, with a data-driven approach and dedication to engineering excellence.

In successfully delivering performance metrics to one of the nation’s largest automotive companies, and stabilizing the world’s largest reproductive and life sciences e-commerce platform, we quickly made our mark as experts in our field. Over time we’ve expanded our team, ditched the planes, and committed ourselves to making businesses better.



Recognizing an opportunity for growth, Basis began investing in its unique blend of strategic and creative thinking by engaging and hiring highly specialized team members with a diverse set of skills.

These offerings generated new partnership opportunities and expanded product offerings across the latest and most relevant digital platforms.



Evolving with a newly pandemic world meant moving to a remote-based workforce— a transition that’s allowed Basis to attract world-class talent from coast-to-coast.

All employees are US-based, with degrees and certifications to match their capabilities. Our teams solve problems with transparency, maintain excellent communication skills, and generate efficient output.

We’re continually learning and growing with our teams and clients to craft and deliver the best products for the future.